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It's time to reclaim your power, own your desires, and tell your partner what you want with confidence.

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Confidence is not something you're born with.

It's a skill you learn through practice and experience

Wherever you start, you can only get better at it.

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When it comes to speaking up for what you want...

Do you hold yourself back out of fear of being shut down? 

So many women put their wants and needs aside to appease others. When you don't honor your true desires, it seeps to other areas of your life.


You're stuck in the day-to-day grind, the routine, the hustle. You give so much to others and leave no time for yourself and what you want.

Trapped in old roles

It feels like little power in the bedroom. Sex is usually for your partner's pleasure and your needs often take a backseat. 

lack of communication

You've forgotten how to tell your partner what you want or don't want. And if you do speak up, you're afraid it will seem like too much work to create a new dynamic.

i see you. i hear you. and I am here to help.

Your needs, desires, and wants are all valid and deserve just as much oxygen as theirs.

I've been where you are. I know what it's like to go through the motions, give to others and theirs wants while pushing your desires aside. 

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Hello, Future sex goddess! I'm angel. 

think of me as your sex, money, and confidence coach.

When you learn to ask for what you want in the bedroom, you can ask for what you want anywhere.

I stand for pleasure. Life is not supposed to be unpleasurable. I believe in building a world with confident women. Confidence is attainable in all areas of your life. When you work with me, we start from zero and create it.


Learn to take back their power by speaking up for what matters to them inside and outside the bedroom. 

I've Seen my clients

Go from disconnected to fully connected with their partners by learning to communicate what they want and don't want.

I can help you too.

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Glowing Testimonials

Let’s be honest…Is there really any other kind?
"I’m so glad that I joined Angel’s group! I definitely credit this group as my 'launchpad' for my making necessary changes in my relationship toward money. Angel has an amazing way of creating a safe space for women to meet together and transform their attitudes and habits with money. Even though we each showed up at different points in our careers and with our different histories with money, I loved how safe I felt sharing my unique struggles as well as my successes. I’m forever grateful for the connections I made with other women in this group, as well as a deeper connection I made with myself during the time I spent in Angel’s group. This was truly a wonderful container for me to grow and transform in with Angel and the other women. I’m so grateful!" Sally Bennett LCSW

Sally Bennett

"Angel Johnstone is an incredible coach! She was able to reframe things for me and put them in a valid and new light. I had gotten stuck in some old ways of thinking that had had a resurgence under stress. Angel cut right through that and showed me I could let go of the terrible fear that was clouding my view of my future. I feel so much clearer now. It was a really powerful reframe. She is highly skilled and very invested in what she does. I am so grateful for my experience with her."

Vanessa B.


"I want to be Angel Johnstone when I grow up. There, I said it! If you missed this opportunity to spend the day with her, don’t find yourself in that same position again. Sign up to be with her for the next one. Better yet, organize one for your peeps. Anyone and everyone (women AND men) can use this program. It was a damn good time and very informative. (I wanted to use the word “educational,” but that strikes me as WAY too stuffy and the day was anything but!) . Angel, thank you. Thank you for showing us who aspire to do similarly how it is done."

Jennifer Degenhardt

Author + Educator

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Tune in to hear reviews on books from my Badass Bookshelf. I share books that support with confidence, money mindset, pleasure, and play.

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#MyBadassBookshelf Day 7 On April 21, the anniversary of Prince's passing, what better book to highlight tonight than the one on my nightstand... "The Beautiful Ones" is a collection of notes, conversations, pictures and history about #Prince edited by #DanPiepenbring. This book also shows that his rise to stardom was no was intentionally planned by the young musician […]

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You are a Badass

#MyBadassBookshelf Day 6 Feeling like maybe you've lost some momentum this week? Yeah, me too! Here's a pick me up if you aren't feeling like yourself. #youareabadass by Jen Sincero is the best for reminding you of just how awesome you are. #goddesswisdom2020

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Move the World

#MyBadassBookshelf Day 5 When you are trying to "Move the World", you may need to prepare better, shut up more and focus on the task of communicating well, not the outcome. #movetheworld by Dean Brenner #goddesswisdom2020

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