Build Confidence.  Yeah, that's what we do.  We guide you into being better, stronger and more confident in just about every aspect of your life.  Don't believe it is possible?    Just hang out with us and see.  You can find us on social media and through our online workshops and live events. 

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Our Chief Content Curator,  Angel Johnstone, started Confidence Is Catchy with one goal in mind.... help people be more confident.  Why?  How else can we change the world?


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Glowing Testimonials

Let's be honest... Are there really any other kind?

Love Letters 2/25/18:

"My husband and I had the opportunity to join Angel recently as she spoke at a Wellness Expo. Angel presented a very inspiring talk about Confidence. As she discussed the five pillars of building confidence, she shared ideas to encourage you that you do have a level of confidence and that you can continue to build on that. Describing how the five pillars worked together, one was able to reflect on what experiences lived through, what skills you have developed and what your vision of a better you looks like. This talk has led to many interesting discussions with my husband and identifying how we can help each other.
I have registered to attend Angel’s full day workshop Constructing Confidence in April and I know it will be a very successful day. I recommend you connect with this wonder woman and register for a day of enlightenment." - Cathy Sterling

Hello Angel, I wanted to write you because of how much I enjoy your talks. I had the pleasure of listening to your confidence talks multiple times, and every time, I walk away with something so valuable. You make it easy to find and see the confidence within you that has always been there. 

Thank you so much -

Fredrik Jones-Hoskins


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