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You know what you want in the bedroom, and you know what you don't want. But does your partner?

Your needs, desires, and wants are valid and deserve just as much oxygen as theirs.

Acknowledge what you desire with confidence while learning to release the fear around how it will be received when you finally ask for it.

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sex is for your partner's pleasure and not yours.
You want to share what you desire, yet it doesn't feel safe to speak up. 

The good news is that you are highly aware and ready for a change.

Yet, it feels like an impossible mission.
You feel so disconnected and fear being rejected when you say what you want.

lack of confidence

You've been shut down so many times and feel more and more timid to speak up.

it's all about THEM

Sex feels more like a chore of satisfying their needs rather than your own.

searching for answers

You spend your time searching for the magic bullet to reinvigorate your sex life.
Meet Angel

I teach women to speak their desires with confidence and ease.

I see you. I've been where you are. I used to feel unsafe sharing my desires and telling my partner that I wanted something different. It didn't feel good to have to ask. I feared I'd get shut down and feel alone.

what you want matters

You can learn to communicate without any fear of how it will be received.

say yes to pleasure

Your whole life can be juicy, exciting, and fun. You can please each other while also pleasing yourself.

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Throughout my life, my sexual desires were shamed.

I was too much and wanted too much.

It wasn't until I owned my true desires with confidence that things began to shift.

If you can get your desires met in the bedroom, you can get them met anywhere.

My journey began as a distributor for a sex toy manufacturer. While hosting parties, I heard from woman after woman why they were buying sex toys. There was an unmet desire that was wanting to be fulfilled. 

Coupled with Mama Gena’s book "Pussy: A Reclamation" and the #MeToo movement, I knew it was time for me to step up, share my knowledge, and empower women to be more confident inside of the bedroom and outside in the real world.  

What makes me a sex goddess and confidence queen?

As a Sex, Money, & Confidence Coach, I empower women to have more confidence in the bedroom and beyond.  

sex goddess 

As an author of erotica, distributor of sex toys, and passionate lover in my own life, I know pleasure and how to center your life around what turns you on. Together we get clear on what you desire and create transformation that's juicy, exciting, and fun.

confidence queen

Confidence is a skill that you learn by getting to know yourself and owning who you are. During this transformative process, I will support you in exuding your power in all areas of your life.

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Our Mission

When SHE Shines, LLC

When SHE Shines, LLC provides a feminine space for women to safely explore their sexual desires and receive cutting-edge education in order to enjoy a vibrant intimate life.

Let's have real talk about sex.

What is that you truly want and desire? How do you want to show up and be received? It can be scary to speak up for what you want in life, especially in the bedroom. Shame and fear have held you back. You feel ashamed for how long this has gone on, and let's be honest, a little embarrassed in asking for what you desire. It doesn't have to be scary. Together, women talk it out to work it out. We can get clear on what you want and don't want, and help you learn to stand in your power with confidence and ease.

deep connection

Go from disconnected to fully connected with yourself and your partner.

confidence & power

Exude confidence by learning to stand in your power, own your boundaries, and communicate.


Be able to fully express your desires without shame, judgment, or worry that your partner will reject them.

work with me

Are you ready to take your confidence to a new level?

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