The Jumper

confidence growth journey soul Mar 29, 2019
Imagine that you are a young child and you have found the most amazing creature while exploring your yard. It is a shiny green frog, delicate and small and oh so cute. You can tell that it is magical and special because it is no ordinary frog… its colors are so vibrant! You recognize that it has somehow found itself in a place that you know is unsafe. Perhaps it is in the garden where there are harsh chemicals or in the driveway where it will be crushed or near the cat that will surely torture it. You are concerned and look around for a safe place to put it but finding none in the immediate area, you gently pick it up thinking you will find a safe place for it right away. As young child, you were as careful as you can be in picking it up, trying not to squeeze too tight so you carry this frog around in your hands with a little room between your fingers for it to breathe. You talk to it, feel the tickle of it on your skin, look at it closer to fully explore the beauty and...
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