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#MyBadassBookshelf Day 7

On April 21, the anniversary of Prince's passing, what better book to highlight tonight than the one on my nightstand... "The Beautiful Ones" is a collection of notes, conversations, pictures and history about #Prince edited by #DanPiepenbring.

This book also shows that his rise to stardom was no was intentionally planned by the young musician and he employed so many success principles to make it happen. It is a really interesting read and a glimpse into the makings of a star.



#MyBadassBookshelf Day 6

Feeling like maybe you've lost some momentum this week? Yeah, me too!

Here's a pick me up if you aren't feeling like yourself.

#youareabadass by Jen Sincero is the best for reminding you of just how awesome you are.


#MyBadassBookshelf Day 5

When you are trying to "Move the World", you may need to prepare better, shut up more and focus on the task of communicating well, not the outcome.

#movetheworld by Dean Brenner


#MyBadassBookshelf Day 4

Let's talk about strengths! We all have them but do you really KNOW what yours are?

If you still aren't 100% sure what strengths you are built to bring forth in the world, this book may help! "Now, Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton Ph.D

#nowdiscoveryourstrengths #cliftonsstrengths #goddesswisdom2020

#MyBadassBookshelf Day 3

Feeling like your cheese moved? What's a little mouse to do?

Today, I read the second half of "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson M.D. amd wow! It's uncanny how sometimes you just randomly pick up the perfect book for the circumstances of the moment!

#whomovedmycheese #cheeseislife #staypositive #getmoving #pivot #crisismanagement #tapintoyourpassion #goddesswisdom2020

#MyBadassBookshelf (Episode 2) is all about "tapping", AKA Emotional Freedom Technique.

It looks weird, sounds kinda crazy AND works like a charm to release long held limiting beliefs and emotional baggage. Go figure!

Let's check it out!

#tappingintowealth by Margaret Lynch 
#mavenandthemagicbuttons by Mimi Stevens


The start of something great.. #mybadassbookshelf

Tonight's book is Energy Leadership by Bruce Schneider.

#energyleadership #thepowerofchoice #successfrequency #confidenceiscatchy #selfimprovement #alwayslearning #shareyourgifts #goddesswisdom2020

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