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Hey there! Thanks for checking us out!  My name is Angel Johnstone and this is what I love: helping women who feel stuck in their work or home life, languishing in a mediocre version of their lives, find the confidence they need to create the future they can imagine, but think they can’t dare have.

In this tribe, there’s excitement and fear, ambition and overwhelm, dreams and doubt all mixed up into a bundle of energy that is so infectious. I love watching these women find their feet, build confidence in who they are and what they know, and discover the steps to move toward their dreams. It’s fantastic when they go from leaning on others to getting leaned ON as their confidence grows. My biggest satisfaction is hearing them say “Ok, I’ve got this!” because I know they do!

Here’s why my tribe means so much to me. As a representative of anti-aging products, many of my clients were concerned about how time had been unkind to their face, body and mind but what I could offer was just a partial solution to a much deeper problem. As these women aged, their levels of confidence were diminishing! Lovely, smart women were questioning their worth over some wrinkles and cellulite.

That’s when I realized a holistic approach to confidence was essential and Confidence Is Catchy was born to bring inspiring ideas and confidence building resources together. Now, women who work with me get an inspiring ally who’s as committed to improving their confidence as they are! I understand how difficult it is to chip away and break free of old limiting routines and beliefs and that’s why the women I help welcome my persistent, enthusiastic encouragement and no-nonsense solutions. I help them stay on track to becoming their confident best self―physically, emotionally, financially, whatever is most important to them.

And because learning and discovering should be fun, everything I offer, including keynote addresses, webinars, teleseminars, events and an online community, is always upbeat and affirming. That way, step by step, you get out of your head, strengthen your fun muscle and loosen the reins you hold so tightly in your life. You stay focused on what’s easiest to take control of, build new skills to manage any overwhelm and move past what’s keeping you stuck. As your self-confidence grows, you experience a shift in how you interact with the world and move in the direction of the passionate, full, happy life you truly desire.

My own transformation arose from a missed visit to Santa. My then 3-year-old son barely saw me awake as the holidays approached because I was working 100-hour weeks to meet January deadlines. After all, I was one of those “get it done” girls for my whole working life! “Good old, Angel, to the rescue.” Meanwhile, my relationships, my finances, my inner peace and all the rest was a mess. I felt like a fraud. An imposter. I would think “If they only knew that I don’t really have it all together!”

When my son’s aunt took him to see Santa it finally hit me I was living to work and not working to live. Why? Because, in my heart, I had no confidence even if, to everyone else, I had it going on. They didn’t know I was faking it. Forget it! Enough was enough! I wasn’t going to miss important milestones in my son’s life because I was afraid to demand a more balanced life for myself. So I got a new job with more downtime and grew my business on my lunch breaks and on weekends.  I worked on myself, on balance and on peace and what I tapped into was my confidence that I could learn and grow into the life I really wanted.

Fast forward just a few years and I am creating my dream of being a work from home mother with a thriving international business.  I know you can achieve your dreams and I can't wait to see what you create with your confidence!


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