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has Desire taken a back seat?

When you set your desires aside, resentment, regret, and lack of power show up in all areas of life. 

You are not alone. Many women find themselves in mid-life searching for that lost power as they have "turned off" in order to get through the hectic days with kids, spouses, parents, and co-workers all looking for support and nurturing. 

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You spend so much time caring for everyone else and have forgotten how to care for yourself and access what you desire.

You feel your desires don't matter.

Have you lost sight of what it is that you desire? Have you forgotten how to ask for what you want? Have you spent more time pleasing your partner than pleasing yourself?

overwhelmed by daily to do's

You're busy. You have kids to tend to, parents to care for, a career that's demanding, and a spouse who asks more of you than you are able to give.

Your Voice isn't being heard

You want to ask for what you want, yet fear and shame have shut you down. You feel that your desires don't matter or won't be accepted.

loss of power

You feel like your partner has all the power in the bedroom. Rather than stepping out of your comfort zone, you keep it inside. The fear of "shouldn't I already know this?" creeps in and blocks you from sharing what you desire.

lack of boundaries

After years of not speaking up for what you want and don't want, you feel resentment towards your partner which causes disconnection and separation.

You are not alone.

I see you. I hear you. I understand.

I know what you're going through because I have been there. I know what it's like to go through the motions in life, hold back from sharing your desires, and asking for what you want. That's why I've created Confidence is Catchy to support you in breaking through these patterns.

Tap into your most underutilized power source: DESIRE

It's time to live fully with confidence. It's time to turn your passion back on and explore your deep desires with wild abandon. It's all possible when we work together.

Release Overwhelm

Life is meant to be pleasurable, not overwhelming. Learn how to balance your daily stresses with ease and flow.  

Speak with confidence

Your voice matters. What you want and don't want matters. When you embody confidence, you can speak your desires without fear or shame.

own your power

Whatever you desire is possible. It is possible to turn the tides and teach your partner what you want from a space of power and beauty.

create safe boundaries

Release resentment and confidently share what you want and when you want it without fear of how it will be received. 

live a life of pleasure

Learn how to please each other while also pleasing yourself. Explore your desires with passion and fun. 

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Glowing Testimonial

I want to be Angel Johnstone when I grow up. There, I said it! If you missed this opportunity to spend the day with her, don’t find yourself in that same position again. Sign up to be with her for the next one. Better yet, organize one for your peeps. Anyone and everyone (women AND men) can use this program. It was a damn good time and very informative. (I wanted to use the word “educational,” but that strikes me as WAY too stuffy and the day was anything but!) . Angel, thank you. Thank you for showing us who aspire to do similarly how it is done.

happy client

Jennifer Degenhardt

Author + Educator
Angel Johnstone standing in the woods smiling
about angel

I am here to teach women how to speak their desires with confidence and ease.

I believe that all women deserve to live a life of pleasure. With the daily stresses of work, motherhood, being a wife--pleasure is one of the first things to go. When you can learn to own your desires with confidence and ease, you can conquer any area of life. 

Future sexologist

As a Sexologist, I empower women to own what they want inside and outside of the bedroom with confidence. 


I use EFT tapping as a way to break patterns, limiting beliefs, and old stories that keep you safe from owning your desires, making more money, and living a life of confidence.

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Glowing Testimonial

vanessa b.
  • Angel Johnstone is an incredible coach! She was able to reframe things for me and put them in a valid and new light. I had gotten stuck in some old ways of thinking that had had a resurgence under stress. Angel cut right through that and showed me I could let go of the terrible fear that was clouding my view of my future. I feel so much clearer now. It was a really powerful reframe. She is highly skilled and very invested in what she does. I am so grateful for my experience with her.

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to stand in your power and own what you desire.
  • You've tried many outlets to save your sex life and marriage, yet nothing sticks.
  • You want to embody confidence and share your desires.
  • You're ready for a breakthrough in your life and relationship, to co-create an empowering sexual life with confidence and ease.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions? Send me a message or schedule a call.
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Why is Confidence important?
When you learn confidence, you can be who you are and speak up for what you want without shame, judgment, or fear. Confidence is a skill that one practices; it’s not something we’re born with; it’s something we have to create. We can start from zero and create it. 
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How is your approach or method different from other people’s?

When I work with my clients, we talk it out, be real, and don’t sugarcoat it. I use a variety of tools and approaches (coaching, sexology, EFT tapping) to get my clients from point A to point B. Our work is not a one-time fix, but one that transcends into all areas of life once learn, practiced, and embodied. 
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who are your services for?
I primarily work with middle-aged women in heterosexual relationships, who are typically working moms feeling burned out or bored in their marriage or relationship.

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what types of services do you offer?
I offer 1:1 and group coaching, online courses about sex, money, and relationships, and guidance through my erotica books.
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Who is Angelyn Ceylon?
Angelyn Ceylon is the pen name for my new erotica book, Ladies First. Angelyn combines my first and middle names, while Ceylon comes from the inspiration of my dad who wanted to name me Cinnamon after a 70's Penthouse model. 
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Angel upside down with a feather

Speaking your truth and what you desire with confidence doesn't have to be daunting. Together we can soar.

Imagine living a juicy, exciting, and fun life of confidence, power, and pleasure! 

let's work together

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